About Final Notice

The year is the very near future. Evolving technology is negatively impacting the behavior of some people – especially when combined with easy access to a gun.


About the Author

For 30 years I was a management consultant. So what happens to someone who leaves management consulting after 30 years? In my case, it was writing a novel.


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Final Notice is a fascinating, enjoyable read.

Christian Sia, Readers' Favorite, 5/5 Stars

Van Fleisher is a master entertainer who knows how to feed the reader’s curiosity. You can’t stop reading this book once you start it.

Divine Zape, Readers' Favorite, 5/5 Stars

If you like thought-provoking, exciting and well-written novels, then give this one a go!

Kim Anisi, Readers' Favorite, 5/5 Stars

It is original, with biting humor, and well executed; Final Notice is a great read.

Romuald Dzemo, Readers' Favorite, 5/5 Stars

Final Notice by Van Fleisher was an enjoyable and well-edited read that explores a controversial subject.

Sarah Khan, OnlineBookClub.org, 4/4 Stars