I knew I wrote the book. I knew I revised it and revised it and revised it and I knew I approved the cover, print version and ebook version. I also knew that I had received 5 (out of 5) top mark reviews, but until UPS arrived with the actual books, it hadn’t really sunk in. Holding it in my hands was reality. Thanks to everyone who helped me and encouraged me. Now it’s all about getting the word out on social media so again, thank you all in advance. On Sunday, November 12th, Final Notice is being featured as the Book of the Day and all proceeds will be going to the Sutherland Springs Community Association and Everytown for Gun Safety. So it’s a good day to buy a copy. And don’t forget to get your free copy of “Crazy Eddie Got A Gun,” performed by my singer/songwriter partner, Jackie Morris. Finally, you have my full permission to Like and Share this message. Thank you!