“Where have all the children gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the people gone?
Long time ago,
Where have all the thousands gone?
Killed with guns, yes, every one
When will we ever learn?
When will we ever learn?”

Pete Seeger couldn’t have imagined my crude re-work of his 1955 classic, “Where Have All The Flowers Gone,” made famous by Peter, Paul & Mary. (Yes, I’m that old.)

He did understand, however, the fundamental truth of his refrain, “When will we ever learn?” And the answer, when it comes to guns, is apparently, never. Our amnesia, or should I say our politicians’ amnesia, is fueled by money from the NRA. Vote their way or they’ll do what they can to vote you out. Not very much in keeping with our founding fathers’ intentions, but then, they are masters at that.

I started writing a book last year that was part sci-fi and part anti-ageism but it naturally morphed itself into an attack on our lack of effective gun control. The book, Final Notice, will be released during the first week of November on Amazon and other book outlets. Writing it was therapeutic and I have employed a healthy dose of dark humor to deal with the seriousness of the issue. The NRA will hate it.